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Will the new name of the mobile phone chip change? Haisi and MediaTek are naming the next generation of AI mobile phone chips

  The release of each new generation of chips, our first concern is their number, such as the Haisi Kirin 990, MediaTek Helio P90, etc. However, the current number of most mobile phone chips has reached 9, has reached the relative number of the final, the future The mobile phone chip code is a new series or a continuation of the previous naming method. There are many speculations in the industry, but the internals have not yet been finalized.

With the advent of 2019, the era of artificial intelligence has come, and AI chips are becoming more and more popular and sought after as the main computing power engine. In the past 2018, especially after the ZTE crisis, a wave of core-building around AI chips swept through China.

At the beginning of 2018, ReportLinker predicted that the global AI chip market will reach $10.8 billion by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 53.6%.

In the face of the global mobile phone chip market in the 2019 artificial intelligence war can be expected, the various mobile phone chip suppliers are not digging into the latest Neural Processing Unit (NPU) design technology, while developing a variety of algorithms to optimize the AI ​​experience, Including Haisi, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Ziguang Zhanrui have successively published the first half of the main smart phone chip solutions in 2019, hoping to seize the terminal AI mobile phone market pie.

However, the new generation of mobile phone chip solutions such as HiSili's Kirin 990 and MediaTek's Helio P90 have actually reached the relative figures. In the second half of 2019, the new AI smartphone chip solution number is planned to enter. One, in response to the 5G commercialization timeline came ahead of time, and using the new mobile phone chip code, the two mobile phone chip suppliers are still actively discussing internally, and have not been finalized.

The latest Kirin 990 designed by TSMC with TSMC's 7nm process technology will soon be available in the first half of 2019. After continuing to promote Huawei's successful AI smartphone experience, the Kirin 990 next-generation chip solution will be based on Kirin 995. Or enter a number to become a Kirin 1000, or Kirin will be retired, changed to a new name to represent the latest ambitions of the 5G generation of chip business opportunities, although there are many speculations in the industry, but the internals have not yet A consensus is reached.

The same situation also appeared in MediaTek's Helio P series chip solution. After the Helio P90 was born and successfully wrote the current highest score of the AI ​​smartphone, it was hoped by MediaTek to continue its AI mobile phone chip solution. Keeping the company's leading position in the Helio P90 chipset, and because the numbering of the 90 has reached the top, in the past, MediaTek did not have the habit of using x5 as the chip tail.

Therefore, MediaTek has discussed the name of the Helio P90 next-generation AI smartphone chip solution. There are two discussions on the internal plan, and the name change. The industry even rumors that the Helio P90 chip solution still uses TSMC. 12 nanometer process technology, it is estimated that the next chip will begin to adopt 7nm process technology design. After 7nm process technology will lead the whole year of 2019, Helio X series chips may be officially restored.

After the global 5G chip market is expected to be officially born in 2019, in addition to the technical challenges of the most advanced process technology, NPU design, AI experience, algorithm optimization, etc., the new era AI mobile phone chip solution The renaming action of the program seems to be the latest alternative test.