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HiBay LED Heat Sink

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HiBay LED Heat Sink

Wakefield-Vette's high bay LED heat sinks designed for warehousing, industrial settings, residential, and sporting arena environments

Wakefield-Vette's LED high bay fixtures are utilized in a variety of environments such as warehousing, industrial settings, residential, and sporting arenas. Their superior technology is a good predictor for the future since they are unlike the harmful conventional lights. Their emission rate is low and they become an economically advantageous over time. With numerous LED module manufacturers and respective power consumptions, design engineers sometimes find it difficult to design an optimal heat sink solution to exploit the overall advantages of investing in high bay LED technology. The Wakefield Vette HiBay LED heat sink allows engineers to select their most desired LED module/manufacturer, while having a consistent natural convection cooling method. These HiBay heat sinks can be ordered in higher volume when specifying a certain whole pattern to a specific length of heat sink that will apply to the LED module.

Wakefield-Vette’s HiBay LED heat sink is the optimal choice for any of the industry's LED arrays that require a natural convection cooling method. The unique mounting puck allows for machining patterns for historical, current, and future LED module hole patterns for manufacturers such as Bridgelux, Cree, Dialight, Lumileds, etc. The HiBay series is available in different lengths as well as pre-machined for a specific array. They are identical with the exception of the overall extrusion length as identified with the x.xx dimension for any of the industries LED arrays that require a natural convection cooling method.