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Image Part Number Manufacturers Description Price View
SMD6000 Image SMD6000 Chip Quik Inc. SOLDER/DESOLDER REWORK KIT SMD $150.00 RFQ
EDS-HPC-3 Easy Braid Co. HANDPC CBL FOR EB-2000S $109.14 RFQ
1L2DRY Image 1L2DRY Apex Tool Group STOPPER 1CC DRY 1000/PK $75.07 RFQ
KDS301 Apex Tool Group VACUUM PICKUP WAND KDS301 $162.00 RFQ
200225 Image 200225 Easy Braid Co. PRE-FILTER - PAD F5 FUMECUBE2TIP $75.20 RFQ
SMD2000 Image SMD2000 Chip Quik Inc. SOLDER/DESOLDER REWORK KIT SMD $115.00 RFQ
T0053633999 Image T0053633999 Apex Tool Group AIR FILTER FINE PARTICULATE 10/P $55.49 RFQ
1L2 Apex Tool Group STOPPER 1CC 1000/PK $77.25 RFQ
35480 Image 35480 Desco CONNECT HOSE 6' LONG 2' DIA $42.84 RFQ
35461 Image 35461 Desco FILTER SET FOR QUAD $189.50 RFQ
KDS830S6N Image KDS830S6N Apex Tool Group ADAPTER 30CC $31.70 RFQ
12T2ADRY Image 12T2ADRY Apex Tool Group AIR STOPPER 10-12CC DRY 500/PK $64.40 RFQ
K1131 Apex Tool Group THERMOCOUPLE ASSEMBLY WXP65 $51.20 RFQ
T0051301399 Image T0051301399 Apex Tool Group ABW-2 EXTENSION SD1000 $39.90 RFQ
72-07TU Image 72-07TU Master Appliance Co EJECTOR, TORCH $33.60 RFQ
DSH54 Image DSH54 Apex Tool Group HEATER DS800 24V 54W A $28.10 RFQ
T0053632999 Apex Tool Group PIPE CLAMP 50MM WFE20D $4.03 RFQ
T0058744845N Image T0058744845N Apex Tool Group TIP RETAINER ASSY SHORT FOR WP80 $16.04 RFQ
T0058735833 Image T0058735833 Apex Tool Group INTAKE STACK SYST. 75 90 WFE4S $45.02 RFQ
EB41P1414-118 Easy Braid Co. UNDER STENCIL WIPE 14"X14" 118' $34.83 RFQ
110538 Image 110538 Easy Braid Co. MAIN FILTER - HEPA CHEMICAL CLEA $214.50 RFQ
T0058762766 Image T0058762766 Apex Tool Group TPIECE 60MM WITH 2 CONNECTING PL $81.50 RFQ
17524 Image 17524 Aven Tools SOLDER AID KIT 6PC $8.23 RFQ
T0058765712N Apex Tool Group HEATING ELEMENT WXP 120 $38.64 RFQ
V8910 Image V8910 Chip Quik Inc. TOOL VACUUM PICK & PLACE W/TIPS $41.50 RFQ
T0058744855N Image T0058744855N Apex Tool Group HEATING ELEMENT WP 80 $72.38 RFQ
SAF-1 Image SAF-1 Jonard Tools FILTER REPL FOR SA-9 SERIES 3PC $18.95 RFQ
SPG-50 Easy Braid Co. YELLOW SPONGE 3.2X2.1" 50PK $48.99 RFQ
T0053659899N Image T0053659899N Apex Tool Group EXTRACTION ARM/VALVE 2JOINT ALUM $197.18 RFQ
T0058735845 Image T0058735845 Apex Tool Group SHADE PC-TRANSP 200X100 $164.00 RFQ
T0053659199 Apex Tool Group WFE 2X TABLE HANGING DEVICE $103.01 RFQ
T0058735925 Image T0058735925 Apex Tool Group EXTRACTION HOSE 50 MM 3M LENGT $74.30 RFQ
WPAB Image WPAB Apex Tool Group WPA2 BURNER UNIT (WPA-B) $26.50 RFQ
T0058764712 Image T0058764712 Apex Tool Group ADAPTER FOR WFE/WHP WX $21.80 RFQ
35478 Image 35478 Desco FLEXIBLE EXHAUST ARM 5' $81.15 RFQ
111124 Image 111124 Easy Braid Co. PRE-FILTER - LABYRINTH F8/F9, FU $123.03 RFQ
T0058741821 Image T0058741821 Apex Tool Group CLOSING VALVE DXV80 $11.30 RFQ
V9000K8-B Image V9000K8-B Chip Quik Inc. REPLACEMENT CUPS FOR V8910 $38.95 RFQ
T0051313099N Image T0051313099N Apex Tool Group DESOLDERING HEAD DSX 80 $175.55 RFQ
SAK-90 Image SAK-90 Jonard Tools KIT ARM-ASSY FOR SA9 TO SA90 SER $167.65 RFQ
T0058766726 Apex Tool Group SET 2 ANGLES F. PCB-HOLDER WQB 4 $182.00 RFQ
T0058735924 Image T0058735924 Apex Tool Group FILTERBAG FOR STICKY RESIDUES $94.50 RFQ
T0052918599N Image T0052918599N Apex Tool Group FE ADD-ON KIT TUBE 4.5 MM $43.42 RFQ
PG151A Image PG151A Apex Tool Group PLASTIC ADAPTER 30 OZ. FOR PG151 $42.60 RFQ
T0058735920 Apex Tool Group EXHAUST CONNECTOR DN100 WFE 20D $37.54 RFQ
T0053634099 Apex Tool Group FILTER SUBMICRON AIR 53634099 $206.34 RFQ
T362 Image T362 Apex Tool Group HEATER 45W/120V FOR 1/4 THREAD O $33.80 RFQ
30T2AB Apex Tool Group STOPPER 30CC AIR DRY 1000/PK $182.00 RFQ
T0058766729 Apex Tool Group SUPPORT FOR ALLOY ANGLE WQB $153.00 RFQ