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WinWay will thrive with strong demand for high-end IC sockets

As 7nm and more advanced process nodes are increasingly being used to manufacture high performance computing (HPC) CPUs and GPUs, the need for high-end IC sockets for SLT (system level testing) and FT (final testing) applications becomes more The stronger the service, the strong growth momentum of WinWay Technology (WWT), the company's founder and CEO Mark Wang's professional IC test interface solution provider.

In a recent interview, Wang told Digitimes that WWT is now the world's sixth-largest IC test socket supplier with production or service sites in Taiwan, China and the US, and its new plant in Suzhou, China will be the main production base for Socket and vertical probe card.

WWT has a broad customer base covering US IDM and leading chip manufacturers as well as customers in Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China, Wang said, adding that his company will continue to work with major chip manufacturers to develop test interface products. To handle GPUs, CPUs, mobile APs, AI chips and server chips.

Wang revealed that 80% of WWT's revenue comes from IC test sockets, of which high-end products account for 80% of outlet shipments. He said that as the heterogeneous integration of 5G application chipsets continues to increase, SLT demand will increase significantly, which will stimulate the demand for high-caliber IC test sockets and vertical probe cards.

Wang emphasized that WWT is one of the few manufacturers to offer highly customized high-end sockets for testing heterogeneously integrated HPC chips.

Wang continues to say that chipmakers need highly customized test interface solutions to support back-end SLT processes for CPUs, GPUs, network chips and AI chips built on 7nm and above nodes, thereby improving test coverage and ensuring chip out The quality of the goods is consistent.

WWT is also developing MEMS probes, paving the way for access to the AP's AP detection segment. According to Mr. Wang, the company now believes that the probe card only accounts for 1% of its total revenue, but will actively expand its business by providing probe cards for its customers in its Suzhou plant.

In terms of customer revenue contribution, US CPU and GPU manufacturers contributed 35%, followed by 30% from China, 10% from Taiwan and 5% from most European automotive electronics and sensor suppliers. The company believes that high-end sockets have the highest gross margin of 40-45%.