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The United States puts pressure on it again! Ask South Korea's LG Uplus to exclude Huawei equipment

According to Korea’s Joongang Daily, on the 21st local time, Rob Strayer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Network and Communications Policy of the U.S. State Department, said, “We require companies such as LGUplus to transform from untrusted suppliers to reliable. The company.” It is reported that RobStrayer’s remarks were aimed at “if LG stops using Huawei’s equipment, will it enjoy preferential treatment in the United States”.
RobStrayer said: "I am afraid we will not provide any economic incentives, because we think this is a serious security incident." He emphasized that companies using Huawei equipment should have greater profits in transactions with trusted companies.
In fact, as early as last year, the Trump administration asked South Korean companies to stop using Huawei's equipment. However, LGUplus has invested a huge amount of money in Huawei equipment, and it is almost impossible to replace them all. However, the United States is a very important market for them, and it is still unknown whether LGUplus will abandon Huawei for its business prospects.
However, it can be seen from a series of incidents that the U.S. government has determined that Huawei's equipment poses a safety hazard. As the Sino-US trade tensions continue to intensify, the United States urges countries and companies to phase out Huawei's 5G equipment. US Secretary of State Pompeo even compared SK and KT to "clean companies" on the 14th because they did not use Huawei equipment.