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Samsung MediaTek Realtek has an influx of urgent orders! UMC's wafer orders are full, and capacity is in short supply

The Economic Daily reported that news of the supply chain came out. Due to the continued home office mode brought about by the epidemic, the demand for notebooks and tablets was stable, coupled with the urgent orders of Samsung, MediaTek, Realtek and other large manufacturers, new chip orders poured in, UMC’s 8-inch, 12-inch Orders for the inch factory are full, and production capacity is in short supply at this stage.

In the first half of the year, UMC’s cumulative revenue reached NT$86.654 billion, an annual increase of 26.29%. Industry insiders predict that UMC benefited from the strong demand for computer peripherals and consumer electronics products. In the second quarter, wafer shipments grew and average product prices rose simultaneously. After-tax net profit is expected to hit a record high.