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Next generation AirPods will be put into production

Apple has just released a new iPhone and smartwatch, and its next-generation AirPods will be available soon.

According to DigiTimes quoted industry sources, Apple suppliers are preparing to assemble and produce next-generation AirPods in October and provide them to consumers at the end of the Christmas shopping season.

In April this year, the famous Apple analyst Guo Mingxi said that two new AirPods models may be put into mass production between the fourth quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020. Luxshare, Goertek and Amkor will be the main suppliers of the new AirPods.

Guo Mingxi believes that one of the new AirPods models will be designed in a new form factor and sold at a higher price. The current second-generation AirPods comes standard with a charging case for $159, and a wireless charging case for $199. Guo Mingxi believes that another model will be an iterative product of the current model, and the price will remain unchanged.

In March of this year, Apple released the second generation AirPods driven by the H1 chip, which realized the hands-free "Hey Siri" function, which increased the talk time by 50% compared with the original AirPods. The second generation AirPods look the same as the first generation AirPods.

Overall, if Apple introduces AirPods new products later this year, it may be an iterative product mentioned by Guo Minghao, because Bloomberg Mark Gurman expects Apple to introduce high-priced AirPods with waterproof and noise-eliminating capabilities by 2020.