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MediaTek's Q4 performance target is up to standard, but the annual performance has not yet improved

  MediaTek announced on December 10 that its revenue for December was NT$21.187 billion (the same unit), which was 14.56% higher than that of November last year, an increase of 14.66%. The fourth quarter revenue was about 60.892 billion yuan, a decrease of 9.15% from the previous quarter. In line with financial forecasting expectations, the accumulated revenue for the whole year of 2018 was 238.57 billion yuan, a slight decrease of 0.07% from 2017, which was a two-year recession.

MediaTek's CES show at this year's CES show AI chips, car and next-generation WiFi 6 chips, of which AI field has entered the smart TV, intelligent voice equipment and other platforms; automotive applications announced the launch of the car chip brand Autus.

MediaTek pointed out that the millimeter wave radar program has been mass-produced by the end of 2018. The smart cockpit system is scheduled to be launched in the second half of 2019 with the production model. As for the vehicle communication system and the visual driving assistance system, the sample is expected to be delivered as soon as 2020. Shipped.

According to reports, MediaTek has entered the European Teri 1 automotive parts factory, this year's automotive applications should contribute. In addition, the market is optimistic about the wireless communication specifications will be from WiFi 5 to WiFi 6, MediaTek related chips are also officially announced, and is expected to be introduced into the smart home market this year.

MediaTek's performance in the fourth quarter of last year was in line with expectations. Looking forward to the first quarter of this year, the legal person report believes that due to the continued sluggish demand for Android phones, MediaTek's AP shipments this season may be less than 80 million, lower than the fourth quarter of last year. Billions of dollars, therefore, this quarter's revenue due to weak mobile phone demand, coupled with the traditional off-season effect of working days, revenue will be reduced by more than 15%.

Although the whole year is optimistic about new products such as P90 chips, the legal person also expects that MediaTek can maintain market share in 4G APs, but mobile phone customers still conservatively view market demand. It is estimated that AP shipments this year will fall by 5-10% compared with last year, and new business For example, AI and car chips have contributed little to the performance this year. It is estimated that MediaTek's annual revenue may have a single-digit decline compared to 2018, and the profit is the same as last year.