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IC back-end service company locks orders for new iPhone launches

According to industry sources, Apple has issued an invitation letter for new product activities on September 10, indicating that Taiwan's IC back-end service company will place relevant new iPhone orders in accordance with the expectations of the third quarter.

TSMC is the only foundry of the new iPhone for the A13 chip, and it also uses its advanced InFo-PoP (integrated fan-out package) process to process the A13 package.

ASE Technology Holding will secure packaging orders for the iPhone's wireless communication modules and power management (PWM) chips, while King Yuan Electronics (KYEC) will handle the back-end services of Intel's 4G baseband chips.

Since the third quarter has traditionally been the peak season for Apple's supply chain manufacturers, ASE and KYEC are poised to achieve strong sales in the third quarter.

For structured light 3D sensing components, TSMC Xinda will order packaging orders for the iPhone's DOE (diffractive optical components) components, while Foxconn's back-end service division, Shunxin Technology, will ensure packaging orders for VCSEL chips.

At the same time, it is reported that Chipbond Technology will provide back-end services for driver ICs and COF substrates for the new LCD-based iPhone released on September 10.

However, due to market concerns that Apple is expected to accelerate the development of the 5G iPhone to compete effectively with competitors' competitors, it is still unclear that Apple will launch a follow-on component order for the new iPhone in the fourth quarter of 2019. According to sources, the overall market situation is still unclear in the 2020 market segment and in the case of rising tariffs.