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Huawei and 5G edge

The development of 5G technology and products has become a key direction for Huawei's operations. Its 5G related chip orders from Shanghai suppliers are expected to rise sharply in the next two years, and Huawei's chip manufacturing subsidiary, HiSilior, may even become the largest in TSMC in 2020. Part of the reason for the customer is the demand for 5G. On the other hand, GIS plans to increase the monthly production capacity of fingerprint sensors to 5 million units by November.

Huawei raises the demand for 5G base station chips: According to the back-end news, Huawei has been increasing its orders for 5G base station equipment chips. It is expected that the demand for Chinese players will remain strong in the next two years.

Haisi may become TSMC's largest customer: Huawei's chip manufacturing division, Haisi, is expected to become not only the largest fabless chip manufacturer in Asia, but also the largest customer of TSMC in 2020.

Overall, GIS promotes the production of display fingerprint sensors: The Universal Interface Solution (GIS) is expanding its display fingerprint sensor production capacity at its plant in Chengdu, China, and plans to increase its monthly production to 5 million units in November. According to Xia Xianying, the chairman of the company, there are currently 2-3 million people.