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Hon Hai Subsidiary has invested more than 122 million yuan in Tianze Zhiyun, cutting into industrial intelligence

  Hon Hai Subsidiary Shenzhen Fugui Precision Industry Investment Beijing Tianze Zhiyun Technology, with an investment amount of RMB 122 million, cut into the field of industrial intelligence.

Hon Hai announced yesterday that the subsidiary Shenzhen Fugui Precision Industry acquired the equity of Beijing Tianze Zhiyun Technology, with a total transaction amount of approximately RMB 122 million and a shareholding ratio of approximately 15.37%.

Hon Hai said that the purpose of the investment is mainly long-term investment.

According to the official website, Tianze Zhiyun team is based on the American Doctor of Mechanical Maintenance System (IMS) mechanical engineering as the core, inheriting 18 years of experience in industrial intelligentization and industrial project application, and bringing systematic industrial wisdom technology to China.