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HTC appoints Yves Maitre as CEO

HTC has appointed former Orange Executive Yves Maitre as CEO and immediately continued to serve as Chairman of Taiwan's mobile phone brand supplier with Wang Xuehong.

Maitre served as Executive Vice President of Consumer Devices and Partnerships at Orange, where he oversees the interconnect technology strategy and business. According to HTC, Yves' background includes deploying the world's largest consumer electronics brand and ownership of the entire connectivity and mobile service portfolio. He is also a member of the Orange Innovation Technology Group, responsible for developing disruptive revenue opportunities.

“Four years ago, when I took over as CEO, I began to reshape HTC as a complete ecosystem company, laying the foundation for the company's growth in 5G and XR. So, now is the most delivery of HTC management rights. A good leader of the good time will guide us into the next stage of the journey," Wang said. “I am very happy that Yves is in control; he has a long relationship with our company and he shares our passion for innovation. I firmly believe that Yves is the right leader to continue to lead HTC to its full potential.”

In general, HTC has long been a leader in new technology innovations, and HTC is known worldwide for its first time in mobile and XR. I believe he can work with HTC employees, customers and investors to develop the future of 5G and XR.