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Cooling module maker CCI expects smartphone shipments to surge in 2019

Taiwan’s cooling module supplier Chaun-Choung Technology (CCI)’s smartphone shipments have increased since the third quarter of 2019, and revenue ratios for such shipments are expected to rebound to double-digit levels in the second half of the year, according to company sources.

CCI's revenue ratio for smartphone cooling solutions rose to 10% in the first quarter, but due to the sharp increase in shipments from notebook suppliers, the ratio fell to only 4-5% in the second quarter, prompting it to increase shipments. . The United States announced plans in mid-May to impose additional tariffs on laptops and other consumer electronics products. Due to strong shipments from mobile phone suppliers, the ratio is expected to soar to more than 10% in the third quarter.

CCI Chairman Junichi Nagai said the company will work with its parent company Nidec to develop 5G opportunities in the smartphone, automotive and robotics sectors. Nidec is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic equipment micro-motors and is now the largest shareholder of CCI with a 52.14% stake.

Nagai said that 5G applications will show a huge demand for advanced cooling solutions, while the amount of data transmission and speed and computing performance will also be greatly improved. He stressed that the steam room (VC) will become the best radiator tool for 5G smartphones, so CCI will launch various VC solutions according to the requirements of smartphone manufacturers.

In addition to thermal solutions for laptops, desktops and smartphones, CCI is also developing 5G-related thermal solutions, such as lighting modules and optical connectors, according to CJ Lin, vice president of the company.