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A new black horse in the automotive electronics field, MediaTek car chip brand Autus debuted at CES

  Today, MediaTek's automotive chip brand Autus appeared at the CES International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA.

The in-vehicle chip brand focuses on bringing innovative solutions to the automotive industry, including in-vehicle communication systems, smart cockpit systems, visual driver assistance systems, and millimeter-wave radar solutions.

At present, the Internet of Vehicles has entered a period of rapid development, and in the future there will be more abundant applications for consumers. MediaTek's Autus in-vehicle communication system can bring higher reliability and rich applications to the car, such as: carrier aggregation technology can maximize network bandwidth utilization; built-in application processor helps car manufacturers develop more abundant Services and applications; integrated HSM hardware security module and encryption engine to protect network and data security; high integration of the chip can greatly reduce the system cost of the Telematics Control Unit and reduce the complexity of the system design.

The car cockpit system is moving towards digitalization, and the multi-screen display and system integration are rapidly evolving in three directions. It is understood that MediaTek's Autus smart cockpit solution can not only run multiple operating systems including RTOS, Android and Linux, but also support virtualized operation. The architecture allows the above operating systems to run simultaneously.

With MediaTek's achievements in AI computing power, its visual driving assistance system can process a large amount of dynamic image information of the camera in real time with high performance, and at the same time take into account low power consumption design to fully improve driving safety.

In addition, the system uses machine learning technology to improve detection accuracy and speed, and enhance object recognition and tracking capabilities to support lane detection, vehicle detection, pedestrian detection, motion analysis, multi-lens calibration and panoramic surveillance of automotive peripherals. Provides all-round information on all road conditions required by the driver.

In the future, as cars drive to advanced assisted driving and autopilot development, car functionality will gradually replace human initiative. The most important technology is to use various sensors to sense the surrounding environment of the car. Stable performance is one of the main solutions.

The ultra-short-range millimeter-wave radar solution of MediaTek Autus is a short-range radar chip that integrates baseband DSP, RF and package antennas. It is based on advanced technology of high-frequency electromagnetic waves and connections, and is leading the industry in adopting CMOS process technology. More optimized size, performance, power and cost.

It is reported that MediaTek's Autus millimeter wave radar program has been mass-produced by the end of 2018. The smart cockpit system will be officially launched in the second half of 2019 with a production model. The in-vehicle communication system and visual driver assistance system solution have also been delivered, and it is expected to be officially shipped in 2020.