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Solid State Relays

Image Part Number Manufacturers Description Price View
DC60S7-B Image DC60S7-B Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 7A PNL MNT SPST-NC 32V $46.53 RFQ
PFE380D25R Image PFE380D25R Crydom Co. RELAY SSR DC 25A 380VAC PCB $31.08 RFQ
D2450 Image D2450 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 50A 240VAC DC $49.40 RFQ
84137001 Image 84137001 Crydom Co. SSR GN IP20 10A/240VAC AC INPUT $65.76 RFQ
84137221 Image 84137221 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR IP20 50A 240VAC AC IN $90.77 RFQ
EL240A30-24P Image EL240A30-24P Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 280VAC 30A 21-27VDC ZC $41.40 RFQ
G3SD-Z01P-PE-US DC24 Image G3SD-Z01P-PE-US DC24 Omron Automation and Safety RELAY SSR SPST-NO 1.1A 24VDC PCB $24.16 RFQ
84134130 Image 84134130 Crydom Co. SSR IP00 75A/480VAC DC INPUT $122.33 RFQ
HD6050 Image HD6050 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 50A 660VAC DC $62.92 RFQ
PVG613PBF Image PVG613PBF Infineon Technologies IC RELAY PHOTOVO 60V 1A 6-DIP $9.10 RFQ
MCPC1250A Image MCPC1250A Crydom Co. CTRLR POWER SSR 120V 50A AC OUT $101.37 RFQ
GN325ALZ Image GN325ALZ Crydom Co. SSR GN3 3-PHASE 25A 180-280VAC $199.62 RFQ
DP4RSC60E40B8H Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 48 V $373.33 RFQ
HS103DR-CD4850W1U Crydom Co. SSR/HS ASSY $176.88 RFQ
HAC60B150H Crydom Co. SOLID STATE RELAY 600 V $196.67 RFQ
A53TP50DP Image A53TP50DP Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 48-530 V $169.83 RFQ
DR48D1XR Image DR48D1XR Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 48-600 V $67.43 RFQ
84134011 Image 84134011 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR IP00 25A 240VAC AC IN $60.95 RFQ
4D1210 Image 4D1210 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR AC-OUT 120VAC 10A PNL $46.70 RFQ
D4890 Image D4890 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 90A 480VAC DC $99.22 RFQ
2966595 Image 2966595 Phoenix Contact PLUGGABLE MINI OPTOCOUPLER 24VDC $54.57 RFQ
D1225K Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 25A 120VAC DC INPUT $44.37 RFQ
CL240A10C Image CL240A10C Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 280VAC/10A90-250VAC ZC $42.62 RFQ
CWA2425E Image CWA2425E Crydom Co. RELAY SSR PANEL MOUNT 280V $50.60 RFQ
84134140 Image 84134140 Crydom Co. SSR IP00 100A/480VAC DC INPUT $126.85 RFQ
AQY221N2M1Y Image AQY221N2M1Y Panasonic Electric Works PHOTOMOS RELAY-SON TYPE W/CXR10 $4.55 RFQ
ASSR-1510-503E Image ASSR-1510-503E Broadcom Limited RELAY SSR SPST SGL 1.0A 4-SOP $5.72 RFQ
PAA140 Image PAA140 IXYS Integrated Circuits Division RELAY OPTO 2 CHANNEL NO/NO 8-DIP $7.09 RFQ
AQV255GS Image AQV255GS Panasonic Electric Works RELAY SSR SPST 1.25A 80V 6SOP $8.35 RFQ
CMX60D20 Image CMX60D20 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 20A 60VDC DC OUT PCB $63.27 RFQ
D2410PG Image D2410PG Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 24-280 V $43.62 RFQ
DC100D100 Image DC100D100 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 100VDC/100A 4-32VDC $158.18 RFQ
2966634 Image 2966634 Phoenix Contact PLC RELAY OPTOCOUPLER 24VDC $46.55 RFQ
CWA2425H Image CWA2425H Crydom Co. SSR PM IP20 280VAC/25A 90-280V $50.60 RFQ
HA4875H Image HA4875H Crydom Co. SSR PM IP00 530VAC/75A AC INPUT $101.60 RFQ
PS7360L-1A Image PS7360L-1A CEL SSR OCMOS FET 90MA NO 6-SMD $0.00 RFQ
A4825 Image A4825 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 25A 480VAC AC $58.52 RFQ
CMXE200D3 Image CMXE200D3 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR SPST-NO 200VDC 3A SIP $40.30 RFQ
84137901 Image 84137901 Crydom Co. SSR GNA5 IP20 10A/240VAC AC IN $55.12 RFQ
84134310 Image 84134310 Crydom Co. SSR IP00 25A/480VAC DC INPUT $75.09 RFQ
CWU4850P Image CWU4850P Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 50A 660VAC AC OUT PNL $71.22 RFQ
CWD2425P Image CWD2425P Crydom Co. RELAY SSR PANEL MOUNT $47.43 RFQ
ESR10-NC2A4HB-00-D2-10A Image ESR10-NC2A4HB-00-D2-10A E-T-A RELAY SSR AUTO SPST-NO 10A 24V $42.82 RFQ
AQW612S Image AQW612S Panasonic Electric Works RELAY OPTO 60V 0.45A SOP8 $13.01 RFQ
AQY272A Image AQY272A Panasonic Electric Works RELAY OPTO 60V 2000MA 4-SMD $13.57 RFQ
84134120H Image 84134120H Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 48-660 V $69.65 RFQ
CWD2490-10 Image CWD2490-10 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 280VAC 90A PANEL MOUNT $96.43 RFQ
HD60125-10 Image HD60125-10 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 125A 600VAC AC OUT PNL $117.85 RFQ
SDV2415 Image SDV2415 Crydom Co. RELAY SSR 1.5A 240V ZERO-CROSS $14.67 RFQ
G3S4-D1 DC12 Omron Automation and Safety RELAY SSR SPST-NOX4 600MA 12VDC $194.66 RFQ