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Connector Adapter Kits

Image Part Number Manufacturers Description Price View
312100 Image 312100 Amphenol RF Division KIT ADAPTERS N TO 7/16 SERIES $367.50 RFQ
6201 Image 6201 Pomona Electronics KIT COAXIAL LAN TEST ACCESSORY $0.00 RFQ
5510 Image 5510 Pomona Electronics ADT KIT BNC-BAN PLUG & BIND POST $66.94 RFQ
ADPT4RP Image ADPT4RP Winchester Electronics KIT ADPT RF ANTENNA RP &RT $351.32 RFQ
TPI-5000A Image TPI-5000A TPI (Test Products Int) RF CONNECTOR ADAPTER KIT $259.95 RFQ
5748 Image 5748 Pomona Electronics KIT ADAPTER MAXI UNIV COAX RF $386.24 RFQ
142-0000-005 Image 142-0000-005 Cinch Connectivity Solutions Johnson KIT RF ADAPTER 50 OHM 72PCS $457.50 RFQ
6254 Image 6254 Pomona Electronics KIT ADAPTER 7/16DIN TO TYPE N $669.49 RFQ
ADPT1 Image ADPT1 Winchester Electronics RF UNIVERSAL ADAPTER KIT 30 PCS $220.67 RFQ
CT3378 Image CT3378 Cal Test Electronics INSTRUMENT GRADE BNC ADAPTER KIT $377.25 RFQ
72931 Image 72931 Pomona Electronics KIT SMA ADAPTER $304.99 RFQ
TPI-4023WIFI Image TPI-4023WIFI TPI (Test Products Int) CONN EXPAND ADPT KIT WIFI 41PC $553.31 RFQ
72933 Image 72933 Pomona Electronics KIT BROADCAST BNC ADAPTER $0.00 RFQ
5698 Image 5698 Pomona Electronics KIT ADAPTER UNIVERSAL COAX RF $236.89 RFQ
TPI-4022 Image TPI-4022 TPI (Test Products Int) CONN UNIV ADPT EXPANSON KIT 70PC $1,282.63 RFQ
ADPT2 Image ADPT2 Winchester Electronics ADAPTER KIT 40 PCS $349.26 RFQ
CT2701A Cal Test Electronics COAX ADAPTER KIT NPLT ZIPPER POU $150.00 RFQ
5511/POM Image 5511/POM Pomona Electronics KIT BNC COUPLER AND TEE $92.69 RFQ
TPI-4028WIFI Image TPI-4028WIFI TPI (Test Products Int) CONN ADAPTER KIT W/TESTERS 32PCS $680.43 RFQ
TPI-4012 Image TPI-4012 TPI (Test Products Int) CONN ADAPTER TNC KIT 18PCS $146.26 RFQ
1061540000 Image 1061540000 Molex, LLC ADPT OPT UNIVER DEVELOPMENT KIT $35.69 RFQ
72934 Image 72934 Pomona Electronics KIT MULTI-RF DIRECT ADAPTER $479.99 RFQ
ADPT3PA Image ADPT3PA Winchester Electronics KIT ADAPTER 7/16-N TRI-PLATE 8PC $359.24 RFQ
TPI-4021 Image TPI-4021 TPI (Test Products Int) CONN ADPT MOBILE RADIO KIT 24PC $287.47 RFQ
TPI-3000A Image TPI-3000A TPI (Test Products Int) KIT COAX ADAPTER CONNECTOR $169.95 RFQ
GSA-2702A Image GSA-2702A Global Specialties GEN PUR GRADE BNC-N ADPTR KIT $121.00 RFQ
TPI-4027 Image TPI-4027 TPI (Test Products Int) CONN ADAPTER SMA KIT 13PC $207.94 RFQ
5512 Pomona Electronics ADAPTER KIT W/BNC MALE TERM $0.00 RFQ
CT3379 Image CT3379 Cal Test Electronics INSTRUMENT GRADE N TYPE ADAPTER $229.30 RFQ
CT2702A Cal Test Electronics GEN PUR GRADE BNC & N TYPE ADAPT $121.00 RFQ
TPI-4019 Image TPI-4019 TPI (Test Products Int) CONN UNIV ADPT EXPANSON KIT 31PC $511.07 RFQ
TPI-4010 Image TPI-4010 TPI (Test Products Int) CONN ADPT MASTER CELL RADIO KIT $310.20 RFQ
TPI-4013 Image TPI-4013 TPI (Test Products Int) CONN 7-16 DIN ADAPTER KIT 6PC $646.69 RFQ
72932 Image 72932 Pomona Electronics KIT N ADAPTER $379.99 RFQ